The World I live In

When I was a child, I used to think when life on Earth would end, it will turn upside down and everything will start all over again. When I grew up a little, I believed life was in orange piles. And then I realized, life had bigger meanings. Like there was a meaning I ought to find out when the time would eventually come. With time passing by, the meanings turn out to be something big and with bigger meanings came bigger expectations. The great expectations. However if you live in a third generation world like me, you will know with bigger expectations came bigger compromises.

In that little age when our eyes had just started seeing innocent dreams, we also learn to not to have too much hope. We learn that those dreams never come true. We learn to sacrifice and then eventually we give up on our dreams.

To some people it will seem weird but this is the life we lead. Everyone has problems, everyone thinks that they have goals to reach. Whereas, we fight everyday just to make a living. They keep trying, pushing themselves to their hard limits but we keep trying to survive. The world is for everyone. But somehow, only the powerful get what they want and we just stare at them, hoping, that one day time will come when we will meet our destination, but Lord knows, those are dreams that will never be fulfilled.


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