When I was in school I used to write a lot of poems, I don’t know what inspired me but some of it were lost and only a few remained. Among them is this one. May be I was in a moment when I wrote this, but I don’t remember much, it could be from my dreams and hopes from life and how I wanted to see myself as. It was, though, published in our school’s yearly magazine because one of my dear friends willed me to give them this poem.

There’s this precious little thing

I cherish- deep inside my heart,

And believe I do on the stranger

I rear- who I see standing near;

But on a crown I secretly desire.

Glimmering like the eastern star

And glorious like a crouched hunter,

I see the crown shine brighter.

Oh, is that the stranger glowing?

And not the crown I’m after?

I open my eyes and catch a glimpse

Of a mirror reflection, I wished-

I could smile as I saw, of all that is

Bright, the sun, the glistening
glimpse was me.


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