A Wake Up Call

Fairy tales. Like magic itself. Those words meant something to me. When I was little I used to think fairies existed. I used to think that when I slept, they came to watch over me. Sadly, I had no Fairy Godmother. Not that I ever complained. I believed I was Snow-white. Loving and caring.
But the fairy tales ended and my life took a turn when I got admitted in a school. I was a fascinating young girl exploring fascinating little realities. The irony wasn’t lost in me. It was as if Snow-white had been put into a place she couldn’t get out of and embraced the new environment with adornment because she knew that the fairies were looking. She faced challenges, she fought hatred, she won over hearts. I liked to think that I was my own Fairy Godmother.
I was, of course, wrong. Little did I know about being a godmother, let alone a fairy. I never stopped though, in my journey of my own fairytale. I was ready to do anything.
But as I grew bigger, priorities changed. So did my mind. I had long forgotten about my dreams and was fighting for my existence. Reality would do that to you. I had to be something but before that I had to be a human. Fates took turns in playing games and I was losing the battle between identity and existence.
I learned from my mistakes. That if I let something slip away, I would never get the grip back. I knew I wasn’t giving up. But may be fate had other plans for me. I was making more mistakes, drifting away further when I had to be the strongest. I was standing alone and I didn’t care if I was right. Or wrong. I knew it was time for me to do what I needed to do. That was when fate collided determination. And I was out of the frying pan and into the fire.
Fate never gave me a chance. But I believed that no matter what, at the end everything would turn out to be good. I wasn’t wrong. I was a head-strong Snow-white. I stood alone and fought alone. The evil Enchantress would lose, no matter what.
Today, I’m standing on a road- a road that will lead to my dreams, my existence and create a new identity for me. The journey is long. But I know the fairies are looking. I might have changed my priorities but those dreams- they are still there. This road ahead of me tells me that my home is right there- at the end of the road and my dream awaits for me. This time fate knows that it’s defeated.


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