The Pursuit of Happiness

There is no man without a companion. Wherever they go they need someone. It could be loved ones, it could be friends; it could be anyone. No one can live alone no matter what the situation is. We are created like this. We are made like this. We live in a world surrounded by other people- we look for each other, we care for each other. And all this comes from the depth of our heart.
We grow up surrounded by family and when we grow up more, we find ourselves dealing with people we know as friends. They help us socialize with the world, creating a new scenario before our eyes and make us see life as how it actually is. Some children learn through playing, some learn in the hardest way. Life isn’t easy, but that doesn’t mean they give up. If they fall, they know no matter how much they cry, they will eventually have to stand up. Children sometimes in their innocence teach us that life isn’t about just falling; life is about standing up too. And we have only one life to spare.
And this is the reason why we go on, holding hands with the people we care about.
And it should be enough knowing that the people we need, are always with us no matter what. It doesn’t matter if we’re close or too far away, we know that there are faces looking at our way, waiting for us and knowing that, it is enough to return home at the end of the day. Because it all matters at what happens at the end of the day. Someone could start a whole new beginning, someone might just mess it all up; someone could be walking out the door. But for someone after a hectic day, a simple smile from the loved ones will shine brighter than any star. At the end of the day we know that we can let go and start in a whole new way.Love, compassion, need, care, jealousy, ego, mistakes, pain, anguish, secrets and anger- all will find their home, once we know that we’re home. Because what matters, is the people we love- nothing else. And if we love truly, then we know this is the best feeling in this world.
So take a moment and think if you’re telling your parents enough that you love them, if you’re just stopping by the floral store to get your beloved a nice flower without any reason or making your kid sure that there isn’t a monster under the bed and kiss them goodnight. Or telling your friends how much you appreciate that they are a part of your life.
Because at the end you’ll know that you are blessed with so many beautiful people around you and how much you are loved by them.


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