Stalker Boy Next Door

   I have never thought that stalking can bring any good. But for some reason, people still stalk. Not an innocent, mild stalking. But heavy-duty, dangerous and like-an-animal-can-smell-you-from-miles-away-stalking. Which is not good. Totally not not-scary.

   There is a reason why people stalk and I personally might have experienced once or twice or even recently. In my world, I imagine a safe place where I can be myself without worrying that someone is watching, someone is taking pictures or someone might be planning a break-in in my house. Yet, I don’t find that safe place and soon find myself dealing with situations I never thought I’d face. It’s always unwanted no matter what. I know I don’t want to handle a heart-broken man trying to reach me to make amends. That’s when he turns into someone I’d hate and may be revenge-seeking angry stalker. Or it could be someone who saw me walking down the road and too afraid to say that he liked me. And may be like Boy Next Door, his fascination turning into obsession, his madness stopping at nothing. I don’t know what goes around a man’s head because frankly I am only a girl still trying to figure out if the world is ran by mind games or simply nuclear powers. But that’s not my criteria of thought right now, although we could say that stalking is like a ticking nuclear bomb. Anytime it could blast causing maximum damage.
And because I care about my peace and my freedom, I know I don’t want to stuck home behind locked doors and curtained windows because some jerk decided to lose his mind. I have a right to walk without being afraid, without having to look behind again and again to check if I’m being followed. I have the right to sit down by the beach without being photographed and sleeping in the night like there’s nothing but the wind and the stars. I have the right to let certain persons circle my world. Stalking is not an answer to someone wanting to be a part of my life. Stalking is never an option.
In these tech world, knowing about a person is so easy now that it takes this obsession to another level. My social media accounts tell all about me. I can’t stop anyone ‘researching’ on me because I voluntarily offered all the information. But never keeping this in mind that it will be used against my own self. You see, having social media is not wrong and bad things can happen to anyone. But that doesn’t mean that I’ll stop having them. That I will stop living. Stop what I like to do. All I have to do is take safety measures and precaution.
But is that going to stop the boy next door from peeping?


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