Say No To Suicide

I was being paranoid. I knew that life had to offer better things and I was somehow depending on it. It’s not everyday that you are pleased with yourself and in my case, I am never pleased with myself, now life just gave me another reason for hating myself and of course, life. Life is one too much pain in the neck; but then it is life that I am so much in love with. So it doesn’t matter if my life is torturing me. It doesn’t matter that the sunny side of your egg is upside down on your plate and when you turn it, it breaks. It doesn’t even hurt when you are all happy and someone has to say something to you and you’re like not so much happy anymore. But really all that matters is that I’m being taken serious when I’m saying that major tendency to suicide has become too much of a matter now. I might be angry with life but I will never dare to hurt myself. Why not? Because I love myself too much for that. No matter how old I am, I’m always too young to die. Life is very short, life is very beautiful. Life is when you look at that purple flower and see a light shade of white closing in. Life is when you are walking and you see a little baby smiling at you. Life is a Friday night crazy movie night or a Wednesday of losing mind and cry. Life is how pizza is with extra crust base and double-cheese topping coated with too much white sauce. Life is a drop of ice in the heavy flow of rain. Life is a wonder. Life is harmony. Life is what I blabber to my friends. Life is an extra day in the leap year. Life is like the wind in the Willows.

So I am not succumbing to suicide. I will never surrender my judgement to what I couldn’t get. Because I’m too busy living a life.
#Say_no_to_suicide #awareness #Love_Life_Love_Yourself


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