Stalker Boy Is a Distanced Past But The Society?

  My life is like a wonderful bliss. Even though some disagrees, sometimes even my judgement. But I know the truth and the truth is although controversial, it’s one of my dreams coming true. I grew up in a reserved environment,so I know the freedom to open space. And when you finally get it, it’s normal you’ll want to fly. But I kept my wings a little lower, sometimes pushing it, but flying low. It’s not everyday you get to enjoy the little breeze or the bee sitting on a purple flower. It’s not everyday you get to walk in the rain; let alone dancing in it. But what I see is, if I’m walking, I am as well as taking a little chance in trying to learn how to skip a step. So what I can’t enjoy that little breeze or the bee, I can hear the soft murmur in my mind. I can imagine that flower in the wild. It wouldn’t be all that fun but it at the least would serve the purpose.
However, life doesn’t stop. It goes on and surprises us with its little quarks. The intention behind my saying this is that my little stalker monster has decided to back off. I can say it for two reasons.
One, he has finally got the message that I’m ignoring him.
Two, he read my previous blog.
Well, I can’t guarantee any one of them but life now seems to be sweetest ever. I know there is a possibility of him reading this. But really I don’t care. I have never cared in all my life for people that I hate. It doesn’t matter what they think, it doesn’t matter what they say. I have liberty. I can do what I want. Say what I want.
It’s not about him. It’s about the freedom that a girl wants in every spheres of her life. It’s about being able to walk without have to think twice. It’s about laughing and knowing that you are not being stalked. Like a flower blooming in its full petals and touch others with its sweetness but not being plucked. Is it so hard to leave people be?
It’s not really. If you could let your stalking mind to a rest.
It’s your inner demons that make you so dangerous, so desperate. If you can fight them, your goodness will prevail. No man is born bad. It’s how they grow up, it’s what they see before their eyes, it’s what they are taught. So if we take a little leap of faith, these society can change. The subconscious of these people could change. Just a little step of changing our views, our morals, our environments. One voice can rise many. One step can gather many. One mind can change lots of others. All we need is initiatives. To protect our girls. To protect our society. To protect ourselves. To protect our future.
So that when my little girl goes to bed some years later, I can be assured that she will sleep safe. She will go out there, win hearts and return home without any hindrance. There will be no one trying to scare her, no one trying to snatch her on her way to her destination. She wouldn’t have to look back to be assured that no one is following her. And I can be at my home, relaxed instead of frightened, how my little girl would be out there in the real world.
I know the society doesn’t work that way. I might say I don’t care but there will be thousand reasons and a thousand no’s and they will stop me. They will stop my path, put me on a shackle of hindrances and lock me up. The reason they will show would be simple-

this girl is to be blamed that a boy is trying to stalk her.  The girl might have done something. The girl put our society to shame. It’s the way she walks, it’s the way she eats…

  Why? Why is it that the girls are always to blame? When I told my mom that there is a boy trying to stalk me, she said nothing. Because no one takes initiatives. No one raises a voice. I know if my little girl is ever in trouble, I won’t sit quiet. I will make sure whoever it is to trouble my little baby girl doesn’t ever get to look up at another girl again. I would stand like a shield. Whereas, it was the duty of the society to be that shield. It freaks me out. It surprises me. I know I want a better world. I want a world I can breathe without being terrified. It will take time to change years of mentality. But if that mentality brings nothing but shame, it should be thrown right away. The society can change. It has over the years. All we need to do is to take initiatives.

Just a little initiative to change the society. To change the world.


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