This Thing Called Friendship

Friendship is a blessing. Friendship is like those chapters that makes you think how lucky you are. Or it breaks you like those tiny shards of glass. It’s always that phase which makes our time count for every moment. It’s always that phase which runs in our veins like a bullet train. Or it’s that kind of mistake which makes your eyes bleed.

We find friendship when we are alone, we find friendship even when we are in a crowd. At some point, we all need a few people who would make us feel blessed and create a timeline of happiness, fun and craze. People who would throw punches at you when you make a mess and pull you in a hug when you are sad. Friendship has always been about sharing. It has always been about compromising. My life has been a blessing because I have met those few people who actually understand the meaning of friendship. They have been with me through my bad and good, through my craziness and depression, through my bunking classes to getting caught. They have been with me while standing outside of a classroom from a punishment; they have been with me while crying my eyes out over a heartbreak. In the short span of my life I have found those amazing four persons, I can truly call my friends. They have been loyal, supporting and it has always been an adventure with them.

They are the heroes of my life because they have shared their 12 years with me with loyalty and trust. Not only that, I know I can count on them when I need to, I know I can barge into their house at midnight and sleep on their couch. They are my persons, my partners-in-crime, and my inspiration. If I am stuck murdering a guy, they would come to hide the body. You have to be lucky to have been able to find those friends. As a matter of fact, anyone can wear a mask and smile, anyone can stab the stake right through your heart while holding you in their arms. They won’t stop at nothing, they would break you, and they would snatch all your trust and leave you in a dungeon of sadness. You might want to stand up and they will throw you in that dungeon again.

Nowadays, friendship is taking selfies and uploading them on Facebook, but the same people cannot even remember your birthday. They brag about how they met you, how lucky they are to find you; but they don’t show up when you are sick in your bed.

Friendship isn’t something to show off, it’s something you feel for the people you admire the most. It’s like a blooming tree, growing together; spreading its branches high and letting you sit under it- soothing you, making you happy through its selfless love. You just give all you have and flourish in return with the love you get back. Now, that is friendship.


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