Bio: I guess this is where I introduce myself as a normal human being. Not that I am normal, but I tend to be normal. Because I am a very simplistic, normal- in her twenties girl, who likes to dream. I am simplistic because I have a way of thinking that makes me like anybody else. I am nothing special. I am just a girl from a little country from Asia. Who just happened to have a little dream of becoming a writer. I can't say I grew up wise, but time tends to make you one. I wasn't really a bookish kind of girl when I was small, but that doesn't mean I haven't dreamt of having a room full of thousands and millions of books. Books have been my escape growing up and it was books that drowned me. Drowned me into the oceans of words and their magic. To me reading a book was peace, to me having a book was identity and to me owing a book was life. I saw nothing, I only saw dreams. Dreams of someday becoming the enchantress of words myself. Nowadays, everyone's a writer. Everyone's a story-teller. But how many people weaves magic with those tiny, beautiful words? How many people makes those words dance? I want to be one of those enchantress. I want these words to weave on the white pages curved along my fingers, dance with the musical symphony I create and with that step by step they learn to dance, as I learn how to dance in the rain.

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