Invite yourself to the opportunity of regaining enthusiasm for life: Travel

Invite yourself to the opportunity of regaining enthusiasm for life: Travel

  The Earth that we are living in is full of tremendous and indescribable beauty. It consists of both natural and man-made beauty. One can hardly experience it all in a single lifetime. However, it is considered that travelling either is a luxurious living or an unnecessary burden. But there are some people who consider travelling a vital part of living a fulfilled life. Truly, experiencing the Earth’s sights is a valuable and worth experience.

  In case you are very much afflicted with travelling then there is no actual better time to start than when you are young. It is the very beautiful world to live in to not to see as much as possible in a single lifetime. Ecological tourism is somewhat acknowledgeable for all walks of living. It includes climbing mountains and exploring deserts. It is simply nothing but enjoying the sights of the countryside. There are also some man-made cultures like the ancient Pyramids of Giza to the charm of sea-side villages of Greece. An excellent quote thereby goes from St. Augustine for you to get lost in the sights,

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

   It is rather a big world out there. Travelling young can be a good choice as it can get very daunting for selecting which tremendously beautiful destinations to travel in the course of a single lifetime. Also it helps to shape your worldview. It can help you knowing yourself and what you believe in that can have an effective impact on the rest of your life. So, be wise and do not let indecision let you down. Choose natural wonders to man-made masterpieces whether from wildlife to cityscapes. Make it happen before you make other scary life decisions and take on world with real adult experience.

   Travel in actually, transforms us fundamentally. Gandhi puts it as, “be the change you want to see in the world.”

   The new activities in all the new places from taking a break from your daily mundane life with technological support, offers you an opportunity to retrieve from your unwanted habits. It is empowering as well, to surround yourself away from your past and be with people unaware of them. So, it reinforces you with your willingness to enlarge your horizons and move on to new ways of life.

Travelling is a way of introducing your mind and body to a new possibility

   It is up to you actually, to make your dream come true by taking the first step toward travelling. It is actually easier than you think since we already believe that travelling around the globe should be done at least once in our lifetime.

  Travelling can help you getting a better-rounded person. You have to keep yourself open about it. The challenge and opportunities of travelling lets you find out who you are in such a way that the road brings. It invites the opportunity of getting lost and facing the fears of the unknown of the globe. However, it all helps you to rediscover yourself.

   While travelling you meet a few kinds of people. Some of them usually become the most value ones. It gives you more points on the map for visiting later on. Travelling creates very meaningful relationships with a glimpse outside of your circle of people. It gradually strengthens your perspectives on various things. With travelling we get provided with the knowledge about the places that we are visiting and educate us about its history and heritage. It simply connects us to various cultures and people from there.

   What the good thing about travelling is, that you will develop the skills you probably were not aware that you had. The moment when you climb the top of a mountain or cross a channel or even scuba drive, you will find yourself having a few new skills and access them to the fullest. There are always satisfactions in being able to say words of different language. Whether it is a hello in Greek or thanks in Thai, and even a language that you were not aware of its existence a few weeks ago. It simply expands our view or awareness and introduces us to a greater diversity. Travelling breaks our habits mentally, physically and at times, emotionally. It gives you a taste of adventure. You achieve a feel for what being an active person is like. However you are given a time for healing with reduced stress and finally, help you regain enthusiasm for your lives. It strokes extreme curiosity and awakens our inner childishness by offering us first-time experiences. Also, you are promoted with patience allowing life to flow more like organically.

  The thing is, if you want to do it now then the possibility is that, you have always wanted to. You had your imaginations, dreams and visions. It sucks to be stuck in a mundane rut. Travelling is full of joyous moments and challenges. Joy and challenge is somewhat adjoined, overcoming challenge results in joy. These are for your own knowledge and education. The sights of the world give you a view that no school can teach you. The world itself is the greatest teacher. So, when you have envisioned yourself as a storyteller- this is your moment. You will get to nourish your brain with knowledge and body with foods flavored nothing like you ever had.

  If you are the person smitten with wanderlust, you dream big. While you are reading this, also proves that you are probably feeding on your envision of travelling. You dream of reaching new challenges and fight to overcome them. Having a trip can only satisfy your desire to see the unseen with your very own eyes. You will be able to accomplish what you have set out for doing and achieving your goals. And when life will get all mundane after returning from this one, you will find yourself setting up for the next challenge in no time.



Futile Salvage

Futile Salvage

She watched as the dark of night faltered. Slowly as the darkness withdrew, orange and red hue covered the sky, a strong breeze hit her face like a slap.

She watched as dawn broke, all her emotions undone, a trickle of water coursing down her shallow cheeks. A storm was gathering outside, so was the turmoil inside her heart. She knew of nothing more, she had lost all hope, even the rise of a new morning could not aspire her to start afresh.

She was broken. She thought hiding inside her dark room would help her escape all her emotions. But she was in the wrong. It was the darkness that had completely consumed her, how she hoped to run from that darkness as far as possible. But how could she run away from something she was utterly devoured in?

The inside of her mind was in a fiery chaos. She had been sleepless for the past month, she didn’t like to talk, to interact, and she didn’t like to eat at all. She grew weaker but she cared less, she watched herself grow thinner but she barely paid attention. She grew to be distant even between a crowd, she let herself be all that and didn’t bat her eyes once.

She cried to herself in the corner of her room, hidden from everyone. In the morning, she hid her puffy eyes behind black kohl and dark circles behind a heavy layer of concealer. She masked her face with the biggest lie- a smile.

Adorned in colorful clothes and high heels, she stomped around carefree, pretending to be what she was not- happy. In her pursuit of façade, she seemed the brightest like a sun, the happiest with a pretty smile, and the most beautiful at her prime. She redeemed her falsehood by crying to herself every night, whispering prayers to whom the prayers never seemed to reach.

So she watched as the dark of night slowly vanished behind the hues of blood. The tears dried off, her breath no longer hitched from her crying and she no longer had a will to cry. She was too weak and her mind was too clouded, just as the sky that now covered in dark, grey clouds- a storm raging too quick.

The wind soared high, the whooshing sound crying in its awake, ringing as if it had something to say. If you listened closely, it was a warning, an omen. Even the clouds called out, whispering their coos in a broken, alarmed tone.

And soon came down dribbles of water drops- one by one in two, three to thousand drips of rain as if it was mourning a loss. The wind dropped down, silenced and lost behind the grieving howl of the rain hitting the ground.

Eventually, all things meet to an end. The mourning had come to a halt, the clouds cleared up in its sadness to let the daybreak see light and the sun peeped through the unknown it yet had to face.

Little did the sun know as it peeked through the window to greet the saddest girl it knew, only to welcome her lifeless body laid in front of it, defying gravity. Staring with utter perplex, it wondered of the complexity of life, of broken soul and a beautiful smile. In time, all comes to an end, all is lost for the sun had always thought its ray of light set everything right.



A change in the habit

So I was trying a new hair color to bring a change to myself. 

I don’t know if the color suited me but I did it anyway. I thought it would bring some changes in me. You know like those kinds of movies, where you do a makeover from head to toe after a break up. 

No, I didn’t have a break up. I was just tired of dealing with stuffs. So after I colored my hair, my mum said it wasn’t much of a attractive color. 

Within a month, the color faded. And now, it’s something between brown and red. It looks cool now. 

So did the change in my haircolor bring any changes in me? Nope. I don’t understand how a makeover can change people at all. All I know is I am sadder now, more distressed and more depressed. 

Although I put new color on my hair, I couldn’t actually bring a new color in my life. That’s how tge reality is. Without even trying to bring a change, you cannot expect it to change over the night. I did try to change, maybe the effort wasn’t worth it. 

My problem is, I don’t try hard enough. I quit easily. And then regret all my life for not continuing. I understand tge hardships, I also understand hardwork. What I don’t understand is even after giving my all, I remain at the end of the road, as the last person. Always losing. 

This is why I am depressed. I haven’t slept multiple nights. I haven’t been able to attend classes. I have even laid in the bed all day. I was at the verge of giving up. 

I don’t know if I will give up at last. I don’t know if I’ll step forward either. I’m just so tired of dealing with everything that I want to stop. I want to stop and look at the sun and bathe in it’s sunlight. I want to stand at the corner of the mountain and scream with all my heart. I just want to sit in a corner and cry my heart out. I also want to throw everything away, run on the beach with naked feet and consume myself in the sea water. I want to touch the clouds at the cliff of a mountain or just stand watching the sunset. 

I also want to fight with all my might. I just want a strong hand to pull me through it all. A hand to wipe my tears and tell me that I’m strong. A hand that can quench all the darkness with a simple smile. I’m tired. But I want to fly too. 

From The Memories of A Confused Child

From The Memories of A Confused Child

The world is whimsical. The more you see, the more you get confused

While growing up, I wondered often what was it like facing the world. I used to stand in my long varenda of my old house, the house I spent my childhood in, and watched people walking by. I used to think their life must be a pleasant one. How could they not be happy?

I used to get confused when I used to walk on that road myself. Thinking that they road led to my answer, I happily followed. As I grew up to have enough sense, I realized it was a just facade. No life is a pleasant one. You have to make a life of your own. From childhood, we are taught to fight in this world, to make a stand in this society, to take what you can. 

No one taught me not to trust anyone. Now, I easily fall into the traps made by people, trusting them. The more I see them, the more I am confused. Is it me? Or have they always been like that? Cruel, immoral and discriminative?

No, it’s just the way they are. Because they are human. Humans are the only creature who can deceive, who can say things they don’t mean, who can backstab us and leave.

No, I don’t get confused anymore. I stand in a path where I have to fight my war alone. And I will because in this world, being innocent and confused won’t take you to the path you want to reach. Instead, I have to take one step at a time, take a breath so I am not confused anymore and go ahead.

Ahead, where I can be happy and have a pleasant life. Where the life is not whimsical but a peaceful one. 


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If Your Life Was a Book, What Would You Call It?

All my life, I have read books that I found intriguing. I considered myself to be in those books, a character playing a part and not as just an audience. I have lived their lives, I have won battles and I have cried and felt joy along with them. These books have been a part of my life, a part that I have found rich and voluminous. But reading them was not enough.

I had to see if there was anyone who was me. A girl who saw the world just as I do, who sometimes danced when walking while no one watched, sometimes she talked so much she forgets where she had started. A girl who thought the world was unfair while she loved it at the same time, who held sparks in her eyes, enough to ablaze someone who looked too deep. I’ve searched through the books of Hardy, Shakespeare or Austen but never been able to find that one girl who resembled me. Perhaps, I am still to be written. I am yet to be described in those poetic gestures lovers use to describe their soul mate.

No, I am unwritten because I still have to choose what I would like to create for myself in any aspect of my life. It is so easy to get busy with everyday boring tasks, same old stuffs and slowly drift away from what your heart actually wants. What if tomorrow when you are sitting at a restaurant with your friends, watching Tom Hardy on that big screen TV getting comfy in his couch and they ask you “So, what have you been doing with your life?” and you realize you don’t have a story to tell. What if?

We all need a story of our life that we can tell people about. For that you need a pen and a paper. Well, lots of papers. I believe life isn’t about having a job and paying bills. Life is when you see yourself on the verge of making that dream come true. It’s about passion and courage – to reach the glory of success you have desired. If you don’t write that story yourself, no one else would. You are the author of your life and your life is the book you need to write. If you don’t have an idea what your story could be, just take a deep breath and let the story emerge slowly. Everything I do, I don’t have a certain intention or a conscious thought and most of the time I am stumbling upon things that I am doing. I am letting my own story emerge as it goes. But I don’t make it significant because if we did, it would become a pressure and we will lose hope from that.

So don’t see if your story is right, just see if you are taking it to where you want it to– that makes your heart sing. After all you are the author – you get to decide.


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Gossip Girl

Gossip Girl
A new rhythm taken by high enthusiasm,
It’s like a wingless learning to fly for the first time-
And a horizon meeting the sky limit.
It’s all somehow like the summer rain;
Washing away every sorrowful pain.
There is a feeling unknown within-
Could it be for bewitching tendency
Endeavoring mighty will into thin dust;
And stealing glances like a fool in love.
As fresh like a lullaby of spring breeze,
Floating half on water and half on plain;
Or may be burning potato for the third time.
It all comes down like a flow of cascade-
Like rainbow forming under the castle of clouds,
A sudden puff and all will be gone,
Like scattered snowflakes and freezing cold.
As numb and thrilling like kissing the frog.
The enchanting autumn leaving in its awake-
Giving a chance to meet house halfway.
May be there would be a glass sneaker
Or a handsome knight in a shiny armour.
I wouldn’t be surprised to be sang by the birds
To catch my own wedding to a prince charmer.
A babidi bibadi boo or a mirror on the wall
Or even the diagonal ally  couldn’t stop me-
From being where I truly am after.
I have even flew with Peter Parker
And know exactly where I go from here.
I wouldn’t need the golden compass to know.
I even traveled worlds on the Black Pearl;
And I secretly wished I could dream like Ariel
Or share honey with Winnie-the-Pooh.
I am unwritten, I am powerpuff girls
I’m like those pretty little liars from next door.
There couldn’t be any Edward Cullen for me-
Ed Sheeran could sing a thousand song!
I’m a rhythm divine, Winchesters couldn’t say it for me.
I’m love drunk, flowing like Tom Hiddleston
221B couldn’t get me off the street of Buckingham.
I was once what was a game of thrones,
The prison break got me to breaking dawn part 2.
May be life was actually a blue tick of twitter
From Ashton Martin to fast as a superman.
Or a verbain locket being found in a supermarket.
All I know is as Summer of 69 passes through-
I am a voice of those every other gossip girl.