Invite yourself to the opportunity of regaining enthusiasm for life: Travel

Invite yourself to the opportunity of regaining enthusiasm for life: Travel

  The Earth that we are living in is full of tremendous and indescribable beauty. It consists of both natural and man-made beauty. One can hardly experience it all in a single lifetime. However, it is considered that travelling either is a luxurious living or an unnecessary burden. But there are some people who consider travelling a vital part of living a fulfilled life. Truly, experiencing the Earth’s sights is a valuable and worth experience.

  In case you are very much afflicted with travelling then there is no actual better time to start than when you are young. It is the very beautiful world to live in to not to see as much as possible in a single lifetime. Ecological tourism is somewhat acknowledgeable for all walks of living. It includes climbing mountains and exploring deserts. It is simply nothing but enjoying the sights of the countryside. There are also some man-made cultures like the ancient Pyramids of Giza to the charm of sea-side villages of Greece. An excellent quote thereby goes from St. Augustine for you to get lost in the sights,

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.”

   It is rather a big world out there. Travelling young can be a good choice as it can get very daunting for selecting which tremendously beautiful destinations to travel in the course of a single lifetime. Also it helps to shape your worldview. It can help you knowing yourself and what you believe in that can have an effective impact on the rest of your life. So, be wise and do not let indecision let you down. Choose natural wonders to man-made masterpieces whether from wildlife to cityscapes. Make it happen before you make other scary life decisions and take on world with real adult experience.

   Travel in actually, transforms us fundamentally. Gandhi puts it as, “be the change you want to see in the world.”

   The new activities in all the new places from taking a break from your daily mundane life with technological support, offers you an opportunity to retrieve from your unwanted habits. It is empowering as well, to surround yourself away from your past and be with people unaware of them. So, it reinforces you with your willingness to enlarge your horizons and move on to new ways of life.

Travelling is a way of introducing your mind and body to a new possibility

   It is up to you actually, to make your dream come true by taking the first step toward travelling. It is actually easier than you think since we already believe that travelling around the globe should be done at least once in our lifetime.

  Travelling can help you getting a better-rounded person. You have to keep yourself open about it. The challenge and opportunities of travelling lets you find out who you are in such a way that the road brings. It invites the opportunity of getting lost and facing the fears of the unknown of the globe. However, it all helps you to rediscover yourself.

   While travelling you meet a few kinds of people. Some of them usually become the most value ones. It gives you more points on the map for visiting later on. Travelling creates very meaningful relationships with a glimpse outside of your circle of people. It gradually strengthens your perspectives on various things. With travelling we get provided with the knowledge about the places that we are visiting and educate us about its history and heritage. It simply connects us to various cultures and people from there.

   What the good thing about travelling is, that you will develop the skills you probably were not aware that you had. The moment when you climb the top of a mountain or cross a channel or even scuba drive, you will find yourself having a few new skills and access them to the fullest. There are always satisfactions in being able to say words of different language. Whether it is a hello in Greek or thanks in Thai, and even a language that you were not aware of its existence a few weeks ago. It simply expands our view or awareness and introduces us to a greater diversity. Travelling breaks our habits mentally, physically and at times, emotionally. It gives you a taste of adventure. You achieve a feel for what being an active person is like. However you are given a time for healing with reduced stress and finally, help you regain enthusiasm for your lives. It strokes extreme curiosity and awakens our inner childishness by offering us first-time experiences. Also, you are promoted with patience allowing life to flow more like organically.

  The thing is, if you want to do it now then the possibility is that, you have always wanted to. You had your imaginations, dreams and visions. It sucks to be stuck in a mundane rut. Travelling is full of joyous moments and challenges. Joy and challenge is somewhat adjoined, overcoming challenge results in joy. These are for your own knowledge and education. The sights of the world give you a view that no school can teach you. The world itself is the greatest teacher. So, when you have envisioned yourself as a storyteller- this is your moment. You will get to nourish your brain with knowledge and body with foods flavored nothing like you ever had.

  If you are the person smitten with wanderlust, you dream big. While you are reading this, also proves that you are probably feeding on your envision of travelling. You dream of reaching new challenges and fight to overcome them. Having a trip can only satisfy your desire to see the unseen with your very own eyes. You will be able to accomplish what you have set out for doing and achieving your goals. And when life will get all mundane after returning from this one, you will find yourself setting up for the next challenge in no time.



From The Memories of A Confused Child

From The Memories of A Confused Child

The world is whimsical. The more you see, the more you get confused

While growing up, I wondered often what was it like facing the world. I used to stand in my long varenda of my old house, the house I spent my childhood in, and watched people walking by. I used to think their life must be a pleasant one. How could they not be happy?

I used to get confused when I used to walk on that road myself. Thinking that they road led to my answer, I happily followed. As I grew up to have enough sense, I realized it was a just facade. No life is a pleasant one. You have to make a life of your own. From childhood, we are taught to fight in this world, to make a stand in this society, to take what you can. 

No one taught me not to trust anyone. Now, I easily fall into the traps made by people, trusting them. The more I see them, the more I am confused. Is it me? Or have they always been like that? Cruel, immoral and discriminative?

No, it’s just the way they are. Because they are human. Humans are the only creature who can deceive, who can say things they don’t mean, who can backstab us and leave.

No, I don’t get confused anymore. I stand in a path where I have to fight my war alone. And I will because in this world, being innocent and confused won’t take you to the path you want to reach. Instead, I have to take one step at a time, take a breath so I am not confused anymore and go ahead.

Ahead, where I can be happy and have a pleasant life. Where the life is not whimsical but a peaceful one. 


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Monday Motivation

 I was being pursued on how to put an impact on my life.  I am in a point of life where having an aim is really important but I am still flipping around like a wingless bird trying to fly. It’s not that I don’t have an aim, it’s just that I am still looking. There’s so many things to do in life and I am not one of those who settles down for less. I did dream of being something I thought I could be. But that dream now, is long lost.

I don’t dream anymore. Because frankly, I have seen too many things for my age. No matter how much I think I am important, I am not wanted. Do you know how it feels when you realize that you live in a world where you are not wanted?

You listen to all those sad songs on your playlist all day long. You have this face where everyone keeps asking if you are okay but that’s just show and truthfully no one cares. You are angry but you cannot cry because there are too many people in front of you. You want to throw everything away, you want to torch down something but your moral stops you. You even read a few pages of books you’ve kept down for a while and then just throw it away because you can’t get over your hurtful thoughts. At some point, even the sad songs that you were listening on high volumn cannot keep you in control. You let go of those few drops of tears that had been forming, but it still cuts deep.

You’d say this is even more important to keep a dream. I’m not idealistic. I’m plain realistic and in this world no one gives a damn about what you want. If you have a fight with your family and decide to skip eating, they don’t give a damn. If you have a fight with them and decide to throw a tantrum, they’ll just blame you for everything. No one accepts their own fault. They just have to blame someone else.Even if it’s your parents, even if it’s your siblings.

I am a simple girl and I have few things that I expect from people. Not random people, I expect things from my family because I have a right. When in front of your own eyes, your sisters are prioritized and when you tell someone that they think that you are being jugdy. That you are wrong and no parents ever discriminate between their children. I’m not being jugdy and whatever I am saying is true. I have no value whatsoever in my family and I easily expect things from people in the outside world for the things I don’t get at home. But you know how the outside world is, right?

You don’t. Everyone says something about people having two faces and all and how they know all about it. That’s not quite true. They have only one face. It’s their inside that is ugly. All people are ugly. They use people with their sweet talks, when they are not useful anymore, they throw them away like rotten lipstick. Even I treat my lipsticks better, no matter how expensive and branded lipsticks they use, ugly would always be ugly. So this is how the real world is- ugly. 

You thought I was writing about how motivational Monday can be? Well, I’m sorry I got you wrong. People are ugly, after all. They never quite pass your expectations. People sell bull and tell the customers how good the material is. When the curtain falls, we all see how damaged the product really is. Thing is, we all are damaged. We all have lost our morals somewhere at some point. We all are ugly, we all are petty little pitiful things. 

No matter how good a Korean drama is, it’s still just a drama created and written by people. That’s how screwed a human brain is. I said earlier, I have stopped dreaming. I might have seen all the forms of ugliness in people and now, whoever talks nicely to me- I feel it’s all just a facade. I can’t trust anymore, I can’t breathe normally anymore. Yet, as I see more, I still become a little speechless. But it doesn’t surprise me anymore. The bitchiest of bitches smile at me thinking I haven’t seen their bitchy side, and I smile at them innocently thinking they don’t know that I know about them. This is how people lives in this world. Pretending at every stage, faking every moment and shrewdly passing lies. 

So it’s pointless pursuing a dream when I know there are people hovering around me trying to make me fall. Instead, I am looking for a goal. So that when I reach my destination, all these people trying to bring me down, watches me with burning chest and rueful eyes. I want people to hate me so that I can take pleasure knowing I have surpassed them. I know I have to work hard for that. I know I have to be strong. I have to bring myself to a point where when I look at myself in the mirror, I see those people who were against me burning with jealousy. I want to see those people sigh that they couldn’t bring me down. And I want to take pride in that. I don’t know what’s there in the future for me. I don’t have faith in the world anymore but I am willing to try. I am a girl, who may cry when she cannot hold on any longer. But I am the same girl who stands alone in her way of journey. And I have to find my own way to my goal. 

I refuse to be ugly in this world of ugliness. There’s a reason for those people who hate me. I want them to hate me more when I climb higher. Their hatred is my strength and I’m going to feed from it.

No matter how much my family discrimates me, people try to bring me down, I know I am above them all. I create my future. I will become an identity that would be respected and people would be ashamed for making it hard for me. I will ensure that.