Another Month Passes By

Time never stands still. I haven’ t got any moment to hang on to that I will cry over yet another month to pass by. In fact, I’m glad that it’s over. Because that month had been one of the craziest, weirdest and literally pain in the neck. I know fate has never liked me and since I’m already up all night and working my brain out on the first day of the month, I’m getting a very sweet and innocent view of how my luck and fate and nature have summed up together to screw me up.
But, nevertheless, it’s one beautiful, not so much as quiet, slight cold breeze and rainy feeling and a tiny little hope with a laptop on my pillow kind of morning. It’s nothing a good, ol’ fresh coffee can’t shoo away. May be this little pain in the back for sitting upright all night through is a good sign that May is going to keep me standing on my two left feet. However, I have always walked one step ahead of my luck and although it’s disgruntled me many times, recently it has grown a soft corner for me and my pity.
And I fully intend to work that up because it’s not always that luck is very happy with me. So this brings me a little new hope of good will and passion for working harder and walking slower. Because running will make you fall. And if I fall, I doubt if I can stand up. So with a warm heart and tired bones, I welcome May in my life.



Please, be nice to me.


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